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 Dormant “traffic singnal” of Soldier bazaar No.3, Karachi

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PostSubject: Dormant “traffic singnal” of Soldier bazaar No.3, Karachi   Fri Apr 01, 2011 6:28 pm

Dormant “traffic singnal” of Soldier bazaar No.3, Karachi

I dis-appoint and regret why City Government install a dormant traffic
signal at “Soldier Bazar No.3” round about, Karachi. Since it install most of time remain not working or out of order. In evening most of people want to go Rizvia
or Nazimabad or East Garden prefer to go via BRITTO Road due to short cut but when there is no traffic signal working than realized how people in dangerous condition when crossing this signal. God saved all of us from any MISHAPS.

More interesting to share the said traffic signal is the “unique signal” of entire Pakistan which have 3 side options to control the traffic flow but traffic usually comes from all 4 sides ( the 4th sides from Britto Road ( Garden East ) which is supposed to be single entry.

Other wise install a traffic signal which control traffic flow of all 4 sides ( instead of 3 sides). When you install a traffic signal than put another traffic signal near MEHFIL-E-SHAH-E-KHRUSSAN a famous Mosque where all religious festival gathering of large number of people than great problem when no traffic signal install this side.

Hope the higher authority will listen one complain and take an immediate notice than I appreciate my efforts do not wasted. If you install DIGITAL traffic signal both sides than you will get appreciation and blessing from God for utilizing funds for the betterment of own people nothing else will be benefited.

( Ashfaq Sharif )
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Dormant “traffic singnal” of Soldier bazaar No.3, Karachi
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