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 Why Americans want to play with entire world Muslim’s feeling?

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PostSubject: Why Americans want to play with entire world Muslim’s feeling?   Mon Mar 28, 2011 5:44 pm

Why Americans want to play with entire world Muslim’s

I strong condemn and regret the incident why AMERICAN burnt Muslims
holy book which “Holy Quarn” in FLORIDA, United States to proof they are un-educated and never realized what happen to entire Muslim’s

This is not done first time before Holy Quarn burnt in United States
but tell when you people ends the burning of Holy Quarn and make gentleman
promise not to burn again so other Muslim’s feeling not hurt.

They claim that AMERICAN care for the animal but how they are playing
with the feeling and emotions of entire Muslim. In this way people usually do not like and always angry with the American for doing wrong thing.

It is the duty and responsibilities of the United Sates Government to teach a memorable lesson so in future no body can’t do this evil act again. What message American wants to give while burning Holy Quarn because
they are more super power country.

They are un-educated or brainless that is why doing such things or doing on
instruction of any one to oblige and later get some reward or good position on
return of their evil services rendered to hurt the feelings of entire Muslims
of the world.

But remember all elements those who are involved in this evil game they
all deserve ONE place for all of them which is HELL no matter sooner or later
YOU will all placed those who become a part of this conspiracy and always
thinking how to work against Islam and damage or weak it.

( Ashfaq Sharif )
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Why Americans want to play with entire world Muslim’s feeling?
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