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 Why auto rickchaw pick passenger on bargin fare?

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PostSubject: Why auto rickchaw pick passenger on bargin fare?   Tue Apr 12, 2011 2:21 pm

Why auto rickchaw pick passenger on bargin fare?
I want to express and asked question why all AUTO rickchaw drivers often charged more than double fare and argue with the passenger. The reasons for abnormal charges they claim CNG prices, owner shares ( Minimum Rs. 300 day basis ) and worry what they will earn for his family members.

No doubt due to inflation which affect all people especially middle class and low income group hit firmly but those who are rich class or have surplus wealth never affected or get problem due to current inflations.

I quote example of India – Bombay – Bandra West where if any one hire AUTO RICKCHAW than he has to pay the exact amount what the meters made and not a single penny the auto rickshaw will charge. More interesting the fare card display and every one knows what amount he has to pay and no question to charge extra or cheating.

But here in our city of KARACHI which is mini Pakistani I never saw or travel in such AUTO RICKCHAW those charged according to exact fare. All those who have auto meters but never used but always think and argue to pick passenger on bargain ( double fare ) and more interesting our City Government remain silence and never questioned from auto rickshaw drivers why they are charging extra amount.

I suggest make a campaign those who are not using auto meter but picking passenger on bargain fare should be fined and punished so some time will spend to educate than INSHAHALAH all auto rickshaw drivers will understand to charge the exact fare amount as Indian adopted it than why not we Pakistani can ADOPT it.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )
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Why auto rickchaw pick passenger on bargin fare?
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