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 Very dis-appointing Power traffic increased by 2%

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PostSubject: Very dis-appointing Power traffic increased by 2%   Sat Mar 12, 2011 1:16 pm

Very dis-appointing Power traffic increased by 2%
Recently Federal Government increased power traffic by 2% on instruction of IMF. Imposed 2% surcharge on electricity. I say only middle class group suffers and those who are rich never suffer any pain.

Present traffic still unbearable to common man than realized how the business community face the challenge to compete the International marketing due to high rate of already electricity traffic enforce but now Government want to increase up to 6%. During March, April and May ( 2% each month )

This will lead to more inflation and perhaps more business organization UNITS perhaps closed due to high rate of power traffic, lack of law and order situation and lack of resources plus Government support when a organization doing exports and earns foreign exchange. This power traffic increase will increase un-employment in the country. Due to lack of employment CRIME rates increased but here in our country no worried or check to control the crime rates and save people from MISHAPS.

When we stop to get diction from IMF and follow their instruction. Please awake up and use all resources and our Pakistani talents. Do not depends or trust on foreign aids when we have full of resources from God in the shape of Minerals, Gas, Oil, Coal, fertilizer cultivate lands, Deserts, talented human resources even we look for IMF or WB support this lead to become salve of IMF and WB till we alive.

Please reduce the power traffic and check those consumers who are using ill-legal connection is total burden and losses of KESC but more shameful and regret not a major action taken against those using ill-legal connection ( KHUNDA) due to their uses some people earns extra but the department get heavy losses.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )
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Very dis-appointing Power traffic increased by 2%
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