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PostSubject: GCC troops ENTER “BAHRAIN   GCC troops ENTER “BAHRAIN EmptyTue Mar 15, 2011 12:46 pm

An agreement with GCC Gulf Cooperation Council consists of 6 countries ( Saudi Arabia,Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and UAE. If any country harm done to the security of its members. Where all members gone when IRAQ invaded KUWAIT in 1990 that time GCC troops never fought against the Iraqi army to re-captured Kuwait but asked American and its allies for help. Which show the double standard of GCC

The un-rest due to change and bring democracy and change the head of state but GCC want to crush the anti-Bahrain activities and consider they will defeat Shia’s but they are doing foolish and proof they are too not brave that is why seeking help from neighbor Arab countries.

In this regards Iran FM warms Bahrain “no force” against Bahrain protest. If Brahin Head of State is wise not to use force against anti-government protest demanding democratic reform in the mainly SHIA COUNTRY which has been ruled by Sunni Muslim dynasty for more than 200 years.

Now Arab countries afraid if Shia Protesters defeat the Bahrain rulers than formed a true Islamic Government as formed in Iran, than next turn will be Saudi Arabia or UAE. How they will live a full of luxury lives and never follow the Islamic teaching but all leaders called them selves as a “true Muslims leaders”.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully

Ashfaq Sharif
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