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 First identify which area is NO PARKING than lift motor cycle or car

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PostSubject: First identify which area is NO PARKING than lift motor cycle or car   Mon Mar 07, 2011 7:02 am

First identify which area is NO PARKING than lift motor cycle or car
I am very much regret, dis-appoint and hurt when saw Bike or Car lifting team when lift a motor cycle or car but realized that many other vehicle are parked wrong or in no parking place but only punished to the selected. Those motor cycle or car they lift without any problem prefer and always remain eager from morning till evening.

Lifting team is more active in the following selected areas of KARACHI.

1. Abdullah Harron Road, Saddar, Bohri Bazar
2. I.I.Chundrigar Road
3. M. A. Jinnah Road, Boultan Market
4. Near Civil Hospital
5. Clifton Near Schon Circle to Clifton Bridge
6. Civil Lines near PIDC House

My question from the head of motor cycle and car lifting team when they lift a bike or car that place no mentioned that is NO PARKING PLACE. First allot the proper place and educated public than you have right to lift vehicle when a person parked in no parking place.

Due to lack of proper parking place available people force to park vehicle (bike or car) where the others parked. One can’t put his car or bike in pocket to keep safe for theft or lifting. When vehicle lifting reach the spot than eagerly lift motor bike from the place till their vehicle have space which is maximum 10 to 12 bike in single trip. Each bike they charged fine of Rs.200. Which pocket this revenue goes and that is why those who are working in lifting motor cycle even think in sleeping how we can maximum our lifting vehicle in order to meet our expenses and over come from problems.

The fine for car lifting is Rs. 500 which is too much. But where is no proper mentioned of NEON SIGN BOARD for no parking if you punished one than why you left others? Due to un-able to exercise due to your limit of punishment or you have good relation with the concern.

If you check how the people are miss-using their authority when lifting a motor cycle and when they picked than no care that is assets belong to some one but who will ask question or check how they lifting bike specially.

When a person biked lifted first he thinks here is other bikes why I am punished or where is the sign mentioned for NO PARKING. This is total HARRAM way of earning and those who are engaged making good money but one day they all will burn in HELL. Now they can’t listen or excuse any riders because if they loose to pick bike and listen with sympathy than loose money which they consider and prepared to do.

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )
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First identify which area is NO PARKING than lift motor cycle or car
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